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Deep Sea Creatures Pendants

Updated: May 27, 2018

Inspired by deep sea creatures, David Trubridge designed breathtaking lights mimicking the mesmerising curves of microscopic algae responsible for producing about one quarter of all the oxygen in the biosphere.

Diatoms, living on the bottom of the sea, are boat-shaped algae that convert carbon into oxygen while serving as food for other aquatic species. Trubridge decided to represent the Navicula genus in his new collection. CNC cut bamboo plywood is used in the lighting’s construction, which can be easily assembled with push-in nylon clips.

Asteriola, another diatom that roams the ocean floor. Bamboo plywood and cork bring the piece to life, which is shipped flat-packed. Formosa, yet another diatom, is a piece perfect for providing bright light over a workspace. Bamboo plywood and polyethylene felt made from recycled water bottles fit the collection’s green theme perfectly.

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