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One Ocean Thematic Pavilion

Updated: May 27, 2018

Soma Architecture's Theme Pavilion for Expo Yeosu - Korea 2012, has a kinetic media façade system inspired by bird-of-paradise flower's petal movements. During daytime lamellas are used to control light conditions where form, material and movement are no longer separable.

The multi-layered experience with a kinetic façade of fins which move in ocean-like patterns. Spanning 140 meters, the elevation undulates from 3 to 13 meters in height. topographical lines along the roof translate into 108 vertical lamellas to control solar gain and then begin to open and close in a choreographed sequence after the sun sets.

Compressive forces are imposed upon the blades made of glass fiber reinforced polymers, a material high in tensile strength with low bending stiffness allowing for repeated and reversible elastic deformations. Upper and lower motors generate a side rotation with a screw spindle driven by a computerized servomotor.

Positioned upon an industrial harbor, a permanent structure and waterfront promenade will serve as a tourist destination and permanent attraction for residents. Derived from the ocean concept, morphing surfaces organize the spatial sequences.

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