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BIOINSPIRATION.NET brings you design inspired by nature is a weblog on nature-based innovation and showcasing concepts of bioinspiration, resources from the natural world, tools and methods to innovate and design using natural principles, examples and projects developed in academia and industry, inspirational ideas from nature, innovators and inventors throughout the world. 

  • Discover nature`s 3.8 billion years of research and development: bio-inspiration and its disciplines 

  • Investigate natural principles from an extensive source of biological solutions database

  • Explore nature-driven design projects developed in the academia and industry

  • Enhance more efficient and truly sustainable design through bio-inspiration





Parts of this website belongs to a PhD research conducted by Dr. Aysu Kuru, coordinated by Prof Francesco Fiorito,

A/P Philip Oldfield and A/P Stephen Bonser, at UNSW Sydney, funded by the School of Architecture and Design.

Dr. Aysu Kuru is an architectural designer, building engineer and lecturer in architectural science. Aysu`s research interests are focused on biomimetics, environmentally sustainable design and façade technology, centring around climate adaptation to develop innovative building technologies and creative design processes. She is currently, Lecturer at the University of Sydney in Australia.  

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