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Get access to a biomechanisms database to develop your own designs to solve environmental challenges.

Organisms are formed as hierarchical (multi scale) biological structures with heterogeneous (multi level) organisation to host diverse functions in order to survive and thrive in their specific habitats. The principles and hierarchy and heterogeneity are key in nature to achieve multifunctional designs to address challenges.


Technical designs need to fulfill multiple functions for successful operation. Learning how nature achieves multifunctionality presents great potential to develop improved designs. Get access a database that maps out the hierarchical and heterogeneous functionalities of organisms to develop your own designs and solve environmental challenges. 

The database aims to be an ever-growing source of multifunctionality in nature to be transferred into designs. Share your expertise and ideas with us and let`s expand the open-source database together.



For more information on our ongoing research and how to use the database along with a framework, visit:


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